My Summer Bucket List


Happy Saturday lovelies, I hope you are all well. Tonight I am back with another collaboration, this time I am collaborating with the lovely Sophie from Love, Soph. Sophie has actually already uploaded her summer Bucket List you can find her post here.

I didn’t think I’d actually be setting myself a bucket list type thing this year simply because every year I set myself a bucket list I don’t complete any of it but I feel this is different you know so I thought I would give it a go and do my best to complete everything this time. So without further ado here is my summer bucket list.

2018’s summer bucket list

  • Walk on the beach
  • Make lemonade
  • Visit a local farm shop
  • Watch the sunset
  • Collect seashells
  • Have a picnic

  • Watch fireworks
  • Host a summer party
  • Watch the clouds float by
  • Stargaze
  • Go go on a hike
  • Sunbathe in the garden while reading a book
  • Have brunch with friends
  • Go fruit picking
  • Have a water fight
  • Create a summer playlist

  • Unplug the day
  • Play Mini Golf
  • Make ice cream
  • Plant some flowers
  • Dye my hair
  • Get a tattoo

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My social medias and what I use them for


Happy Friday huns, I hope you’ve had an amazing day. I have had a really good day, I have however managed to get a little sunburnt on my shoulders. I don’t think I quite realised how warm it actually was today.

Anyway tonight post I thought I would share my social media’s with you and just sort of give you an insight of what I share on them. I’ll do my best to leave links if I do forget to leave a link to one of them just pop me a comment and I will adjust that for you. So without further ado here are my social media’s.

My social medias

Let’s start with Instagram. I currently use Instagram everyday twice a day I played once in the morning and then once in the evening once my post has gone up. I do have a team currently but that will change when July comes. my current theme is a selfie every morning and then a post related picture in the evening, I’ve always had other things where I post inspirational quotes selfies pictures of blog posts so quite a mixture of things. I do plan on changing my theme every month to sort of tying with that month and the things that are going on so you won’t sort of see the same thing repeat itself straight away if that makes sense.

My Instagram following is absolutely insane I gain about 20 followers a day and then lose 15 of them because I don’t do the Fallout Fallout game I will follow you if I enjoy your content and if I feel that you could bring some sort of inspiration to what I do so if I don’t enjoy your content and I don’t see you as an inspirational or positive my account then I won’t follow you because I need that sort of inspirational positive vibe. atmosphere just because of the things I’ve been through I need to always sort of look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you do want to check out my Instagram please feel free I’m not saying I won’t understand follow you back because honestly nine times out of ten I do follow people back the link is here if you fancy a look.

My my Facebook page has always been the sort of neglected I suppose, I do tend to share why evening Instagram post onto my page as well but as far as sharing individual post to my page I just don’t seem to be doing that at the moment. I think part of the reason is because I don’t have a huge following on my page so I sort of feel like it’s pointless because I will put so much work into it and I don’t get anything in return if that makes sense. as of July because Jean is nearly over I will be using my Facebook page every day just because I want to build it up and make it a huge part of my blog I suppose.

If if you do have Facebook and you want to check out my page I will leave the link here I would appreciate it if you could just head on over and give it a like even if you turn the notifications off afterwards you’re like well definitely help out in the long run.

Snapchat is a bit of a weird one for me, I have a lot of family and friends on there so I always feel a bit weird sharing things about my blog, I also posted a lot of family related pictures on my story so I have to be really careful of who I let follow me because I post pictures of my young cousins and we all know what weirdos are about these days which is unfortunate but I would rather keep there safety then have a huge following and potentially put them in danger. I don’t think I can leave a link to Snapchat but you’re more than welcome to you save the picture and use it to scan a snapcode or you can add me by my username which is also under the bitmoji.

My my YouTube hasn’t really taken off that’s because I have spent so much my time invested in other things and I’ve kind of pushed it aside so that I could reach my goals in my other aspects of life. I am however planning on vlogging again I know that my vlogs are absolute shite but I enjoy filming them so I am just going to carry on.

If you do want to follow my YouTube the link will be here, I want to film a room tour and a house tour because of the I’ve moved out and I think that would be really cool thing to have on my YouTube so if you’re interested in that please do leave me at like below just so I know and I can get on the filming that for you.

I I don’t know how any of you feel about Tumblr, I literally have no idea how it works so I don’t have many followers and I don’t think I actually posted anything on there but I thought it was another platform that could potentially bring in readers are people interested in finding out things I don’t know really. If you do have Tumblr and you wanna give me a follow a link will be here for you to do so.

Pinterest for me is a bit of a weird one, I don’t really know what to pin and what not to pin and I don’t really know how to get a high engagement from my boards over to my blog.

At the moment I have a board for my brand collaborations why I prefer hot chocolate interviews and my a blogger collaborations I was thinking of doing a board for blog post ideas so if that’s something what interested in please do let me know and I will get you eating that because I know that a lot of people use Pinterest as a way to find inspiration for posts ideas which is great so if I could potentially help someone find something to blog about them that would be amazing. I will leave a link here if you fancy it I came out my Pinterest account.

I absolutely love Twitter, I feel like it’s the one social media where I can invent or a share my rants or weird secrets and no matter what it is people will just support you. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a few arguments on Twitter because I am a very strong headed person and I will stand up for what I believe in and I won’t let someone push my beliefs down just because they don’t feel the same way and that led me into a few arguments but that’s all in the past now they blocked me so that’s over and done with. I tend to share my blog post and everyone else has blood places to be honest on my Twitter I like to retweet a lot of things to do with a blogger collaborations and I know that a lot of you like to a comment on those threads to let brands know that you’re interested so if you want to follow me and read some weird things I share I will leave the link here for you.

Unfortunately unfortunately not many of you you know about we heart it and this happens to be my all time favourite app. I upload this daily, it’s an app where you can share anything really as long as it’s photos you can also create articles but I have a Blog so I don’t feel the need to create articles on there too because that would be like having two blogs, and technically I already have two blogs so I don’t need a third.

I create collections of things that I enjoy so at the moment I have a collection for fashion that I like for some home inspiration and some motivational / inspirational quotes. I will be adding more collections in such as nail inspirations things to do with blogging just a bit of random things that you wouldn’t normally share say on your Instagram. If you are interested in checking the app out I will leave a link here to my Page feel free to give me a follow or like a few pictures in my collections it’s completely up to you.

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Why today is my favourite day of the year


Happy Thursday my loves, today is a very special Thursday, today officially marks the first day of summer and I honestly cannot be happier.

Today today is officially my favourite day of the year and I’m going to explain why. Today is the summer solstice which means it’s the longest day of the year and it is the first day of summer.

Now to anyone else this would probably mean absolutely nothing to them apart from summer is starting. But for me this has a completely different meaning. Yes summer is starting and a lot of you will be going on holiday and enjoying yourself but for me this marks the first day where I felt truly free and comfortable with myself.

As most of you know 5 years ago I was sexually assaulted and I’m not going to go into that in this post because this is a positive post not a negative one, for me about 3 years ago on the day that the summer solstice fell upon I realised something quite important and since then I have always celebrated the summer solstice as a positive vibe day.

It just happened to be on that day that I realised that the incident wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t have done anything differently and that I shouldn’t keep blaming myself for something that I couldn’t change and still can’t change. I also stopped self harming on this day because I realise that he had caused enough damage to my body and I didn’t need to add to the scars although the scars that he had left were mental ones but to me it all kind of tied in together.

Today 3 years ago I realised that I am worth a lot more than I gave myself credit for, I was still able to achieve so many incredible things while battling so many issues and I never let myself be proud of me I always put myself down even after I did something great and it just so happened to being on this day that I decided to start loving myself I started to you congratulate myself more when I achieved one of my goals I started to look in the mirror and liked what I saw without wanting to harm herself because I look disgusting.

Today 3 years ago I put down the pills and stopped overdosing myself on painkillers just to numb myself so I wouldn’t feel the blades and I wouldn’t feel the blood rush I would know myself so I wouldn’t feel that physical pain I was causing myself because I was the suffering so much mental pain.

Today 3 years ago I decided that I was more than more thought it was and ever since then I have celebrated this day and made sure that this day has been nothing but positive for me and I see this day as a reminder oh just how far that I have managed to come on my own.

I’m not saying that my life is easy I mean it’s far from it, but I don’t like to think about all the hurdles I still need to jump over, I like to celebrate the ones that I have jumped over and left in the past. Today is about me loving myself and thanking myself for not giving up, for still pushing on even when times felt too hard.

I won’t lie, today is also my favourite day because it’s just so pretty! Here are a few pictures I took;

Thank you so much for reading I hope you have enjoyed my post if you did be to leave me huge thumbs up and leave me a comment below of your favourite day of the year or if you don’t have one something that you enjoy about summer.

Don’t forget I had collaboration paste with Najida go up last night make sure you head on over and check that out. Another reminder that the pictures above on my own and you do not have permission to use them in any way.

Again thank you so much I will back tomorrow at my normal time of 8pm with a another exciting post I can’t wait to see you all there.

Lots of love,

A x

5 places I want to visit


Happy Wednesday my lovelies I hope that you are all well. Today I am bringing you a collaboration with Najida from Najida’s post has gone up so make sure you had on over and check out her five places that she wants to travel to.

I have a huge bucket list of places that I want to visit and fingers crossed one day I get to take them all off my list but for today’s post I have picked the top five on my list and here is my reasoning behind them.

Five places I want to visit:

1. Amsterdam

the reason I want to go to Amsterdam is because I read about in a book once. The way it was described it sounded perfect. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Amsterdam especially their lake OR river (not sure what it is)and I would absolutely love to go riding around Amsterdam watching the Blossom petals float along the river and the leaves scatter along the sidewalk. I absolutely hate bike riding so this definitely shows how much I want to visit the place.

(I do not own this picture)

2. Venice

I want to go to Venice because I don’t actually know much about the place, I haven’t done much research into it and I’d love to know more about the history. I’ve read a lot about Rome and I just thought Venice would be an amazing place to visit to learn more about.

(I do not own this picture)

3. Brighton

Obviously l I live in the UK so a lot of people think about I have travelled to places in the UK but I haven’t. I went to Canterbury with my Nan once which was okay and I went to Norfolk on a residential trip back when I was in Year 6. also been to London a few times for hospital appointments but that’s as far as it goes.

I love the beach and the sea so Brighton sounds like a lovely place to visit. If the pier actions don’t interest me I always just sit on the beach with a glass of wine a good book and downtown while catching a tan.

(I do not own this picture)

4. Paris

Those of you that know me know that I have wanted to go to Paris for the longest time. I just want to climb the Eiffel Tower to be honest with you. I also want to go to China just to walk the Great Wall. I don’t really care about it being the city of love I mean my love track history is pretty shocking anyway.

(I do not own this picture)

5. London

As I said I’ve been to London before, I visited the aquarium and many many hospital appointments. This time I want to go to London and be a tourist. I want to take pictures of all the main sites such as Buckingham Palace, I want to go shopping I want to go along the River Thames. Just do everything I didn’t have the opportunity to do it before.

(This picture is mine, you do not have permission to use it)

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I prefer hot chocolate #20


Happy Tuesday! In just a few more days, Summer will finally be here and I cannot begin to express how happy I am! I have so many plans for when the sun decides to stay.

Anyway, today isn’t about my summer plans (that’s coming up soon in a very fun collaboration), today’s post is all about Melanie from I cannot wait for you to find out more about her.

Melanie’s interview

1. Introduce yourself, what is your name?

  • I’m Melanie based in Cumbria where I live with my husband and three kids.

2. What made you want to start a blog?

  • I have always had a massive passion for writing and always aspired to be a journalist however once the kids came along those dreams were put on the back burner. Last year I was given the opportunity to write for an online lifestyle magazine and my passion was reignited so I took the leap and started my own blog and I haven’t looked back!

3. What inspired your blog name?

  • My blog name is inspired by the old school 90’s show fronted by Pat Sharp, Fun House, as well as the fact that I feel like I’m living in a mad house most of the time!

4. Do you think your blog has been a success?

  • My blog has been a personal success for me as it has really helped me with my mental health issues giving me a creative outlet. When I started my blog I was unsure if anyone would actually read what I was putting out there, but I feel incredibly lucky that people have actually taken the time to read and comment on my posts.

5. How do you spend your day to day life when you are not blogging?

  • As a Stay at Home Mum I spend my day’s looking after my youngest son and Completing all those boring but necessary jobs around the house!

6. Who knows about your blog and are they supportive?

  • All of my family and close friends know about my blog and the response I have had from them is amazing, especially Mr F who always gives me a boost telling me how proud he is.

7. If you wasn’t blogging, what do you think you would be doing?

  • Even though I have only been blogging for less than a year I genuinely don’t know what I did with my time beforehand! If I didn’t blog I would most probably spend my time watching TV and doing more reading in the evenings.

8. What/who inspires your new posts?

  • There isn’t anything or anyone specific that inspires my posts- my ideas usually come to me when I’m driving or in the showers and I quickly have to get to a pen and paper to jot them down before I lose them forever. I try to write about things that interest me and hope that the same can be said for my readers!

9. Do you have any social media links you would like to share?

10. What is your blogging goal for the next 5 years?

  • I would love to be able to turn blogging into my job, especially once my little man starts school in September however I know this is the ultimate dream for most bloggers! I would be content with continuing to grow my blog and audience and still enjoy writing.

Thank you so much Mel, I loved having you take part, I wish you all the best with your goals and with your family too! Good luck to your little one with school too!

That’s it from me and Mel, thank you all so much for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Mel, if you too would like to be a part of my interview series, all you need to do is fill out the contact form below.

Thank you so much for reading, I have some exciting posts coming up, I’m looking for some collaborations too (I have some lined up but the more the merrier) so you can fill the contact form above too.

I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a great evening,


A x

My current hair care favourites


Happy Monday! How are you? So many of you have finished school for the summer, which is very exciting! Do you have any plans? I know quite a few of you are on/are going on holiday. I love seeing your pictures (I’m so totally not jealous – I swear!) I can’t wait to eventually go on holiday myself.

Anyway, tonight’s post isn’t about holiday’s (that’s coming up this week in a collaboration!) I thought I would share my current hair care favourites. Last month, I had my hair cut short, like dramatically short compared to it’s old length and I have absolutely loved it! I have had time where I miss my long hair, but it’s so easy to manage now it’s short.

One thing I noticed after having it cut short is that my hair seems to get greasy a day after washing it. I’ve never really suffered from greasy hair, I washed my hair every other day, used cold water to wash out the conditioner etc., but now that it’s short, I am having to wash it everyday because it looks and feel so unclean! I’m not sure if that’s normal or not, so I decided I would change my hair care products to see if that makes any difference.

Usually my hair is dry, it was full of split ends and I suffer from a dry scalp, so I had been using the TRESemme Moisture rich Luxurious moisture shampoo and conditioner. This has definitely improved the damage that I had caused, I use to blow-dry my hair without using heat protection spray which is a big nono for your hair, I also use to straighten my hair when it was wet so I was essentially it just killing my hair.

Using the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner I have definitely noticed that my hair has more life to it my scalp is also not as irritated which is a huge thing because I have suffered with a bad scalp for years.

The shampoo smells okay, it’s not a bad smell for me I prefer it if it had a sort of sweet smell but that’s just personal preference. The product doesn’t come out too thick it’s not too thin it’s easy to you just wack in your hair and wash straight out.

The conditioner smells like the shampoo again the product isn’t too thick and it’s not too thin, it goes in your hair really well, easy to wash off under the cold water which by the way you should always do. It definitely makes my hair look more alive once it has dried naturally.

Moving on to the Natural World hair coconut milk hydration and shine collection, I won this in a giveaway that they hold on Instagram, I actually managed to win a set for Sophie to which was amazing.

I absolutely love coconut products I feel that they work the best for me. The shampoo is absolutely amazing, it is a little runny out then the TRESemme shampoo but it does such an amazing job at reviving my hair and making my hair look good and smell incredible too.

One thing I love about the coconut stampy is that it has 95% natural derived ingredients and it has 0% parabens, phosphatase, dyes, gluten.

The coconut conditioner is also amazing, it is a little too thick it does almost stick in my hair but it does a wash out under cold water which is great. Again this has 95% natural derived ingredients and 0% parabens and a thing as I mentioned above.

As you can imagine this smells absolutely incredible, definitely a smell I am happy to have around my face all the time. In the giveaway I will say one some coconut oil which is the best thing ever. I reviewed coconut oil before big ears Brodie and stone kind me and sent me in a PR package and I absolutely loved it and I have actually just run out so this was perfect timing.

I put the same once I have towel dried my hair and then I let my hair dry naturally because I now don’t use a hair dryer or straighteners or curlers. Honestly it makes my hair feel a million dollars, even though I’m not American so I guess it’s a million pounds but that doesn’t sound as good.

To brush my to brush my hair I use my rose gold tangle teezer, I feel this is definitely a lot Kinder to the hair it doesn’t pull as much and I mean it’s rose gold of course I’m going to use it. It definitely helps to hold the life in my hair because it doesn’t flatten it so that’s another bonus.

They are my current hair care favourites if you know any other brands or you have a favourite brand do let me know in the comments below I am always looking to find new products to use in my hair.

Thank you so much for Reading I’m sorry this post is a little late but I hope you have enjoyed it anyway if you did be short sleeve it a huge thumbs up and leave me a comment below of your favourite summer scent.

I love you all I will be back tomorrow with a new interview post I can’t wait to see you all there.


A x

How my day has been #20


Happy Sunday lovelies! How are you all?

I hope you have had the most amazing Sunday, for all my dad bloggers I hope you’ve had the best Father’s Day, for any dad’s reading this I hope that you have been truly spoilt.

I am I am pretty sure my dad’s had a good Father’s Day, unfortunately she has not been able to rest, my mum and I had to go to work so he had to drop us off and pick us up. We did spoil him though, we brought him some gifts which he really likes and I went home and had dinner with him and the rest of the family which is also nice.

Today has been an okay day, I had work which wasn’t actually that bad, it definitely went a lot quicker than it did yesterday. I came home and had a well needed nap. Unfortunately I still have my issue with my salivary glands, I do you have a hospital appointment on the 4th of July so I’m going to have to get some more antibiotics because the problem just isn’t getting better it’s getting worse.

In general I’m feeling okay, at the moment I always seem to feel down and genuinely unhappy and I don’t know what I don’t have a reason for it, but I feel like I want to curl up in a ball and cry all the time. It could just be my hormones where I have recently been put on the pill. I honestly can’t remember the side effects because it’s been years since I’ve been on it but, I’m putting it down to the fact that I’m on the pill and my body is just adjusting to that.

My weight loss is going well I am still losing weight which is amazing unfortunately my skin isn’t representing a healthy I am being but that is definitely down to the pill, the pill makes me have loads of acne, obviously I am doing my skincare routine day and night I just need for my hormones to settle down for my skincare to start working again.

My social life is complete shite, literally no one is even bothered anymore, the only time I’ve had messages at the moment is to slag of one of my friends, which isn’t great! Although one of my friends into hosting summer lunch time gathering I was kindly invited to, I am definitely going I am already trying to find outfit I obviously don’t want to buy one yet because I’m still losing weight but I want to find something really cute to wear.

I don’t really have summer plans, I am having a few days with my sister as she will be turning 18 in July and I want to make it super special for her. I am also doing a spa night with her at the end of the month because she isn’t going to prom, so I said that I would do something special with her instead.

I’m hoping to collaborate with some brands for my spa night because I want to do a huge blog post on it. Not only will there be face mask and other beauty skin care related products, I will be buying pizza will be having brownies glasses of wine matching PJs, just something really special and memorable for her.

So if you are a brand or if you generally want to get involved in any way I would love to be able to include you in my post, you can email me on and we will get back to you as soon as I can, I usually take 2 to 5 business days due to working but I do reply to every email I receive.

I think that’s all to be honest I’m currently in bed in my pj’s about to you read Twilight for the millionth time, now that I have set up my new look shall I am determined to read my books top to bottom and in order. I’m about to put on my night-time fade Out cream I’ve not really seen a difference so far but it hasn’t been that long so I am going to stick at it and see if it does make any difference.

Thank you so much for Reading, I am currently working on updating my social Media’s so once that is done I will link all of them below and I might even do a post on it and just do a run through of what I share on each platform and why you should follow me.

I hope you have enjoyed my post if you have let me know by leaving a like and comment below what you have done today, if you don’t like this post and you have some constructive criticism do you leave a comment below so I can improve my work and make it the best it possibly can be.

I’m sending you all lots of love,

A x